Poetry & Bank Notes.

They take what I write

At face value…


But what I design

Hardly resembles a bank note.


Discerning one’s mind

Rather, mine

Does not take simple sifting

Or your own understanding.


Watch them catch feelings

Because it’s starting to register

In their brain

That I exhibit

A different kind of grey matter.


Offended when abstract ideas

Collide with their reality;

What do they say about that again,

“If the shoe fits…?”


– Original-Dante ©2016





9 Replies to “Poetry & Bank Notes.”

      1. I believe you might be right, Dante.

        I’m summoning up the courage to read your piece on Martin Luther King. I will take a few moments to collect myself as I know it will hit a chord. One must be prepared for every eventuality, that, and the fact that I have egg on my screen. The combo just doesn’t work.

      2. Lol that egg…I’ll be looking over your poetry as well, your writing style intrigues me…it has this grace & rebellion dichotomy…I simply appreciate poets who go for the original

      3. Take your time. I’ve only been writing for a few months and yet I think I’m finding that I have a particular love for a certain way of writing. Ever the rebel, that’s me. One of society’s misfits.

      4. Thank you. That’s really really good to hear because I was and still am contemplating reverting back to how I was before, when words didn’t feature in quite the same way. I was setting myself a deadline for the end of the month and was going to archive the poetry and focus on nonsense and fitness.

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