A Poem About Nothing In Particular.

I think about those days at times

Growing up in the background

The kid everyone made fun of.

Self-esteem on zero, funny thing though,

I don’t blame them, If I saw myself then,

I’d probably join in.

First crush ever

Pours juice over my lunch

“Just a hunch…

…But I don’t think she likes me”

I’d say to myself…

…Optimism on 100.


Never felt like I belong

Friends lasting as long

As your reputation holds,

People’s opinion’s defining

How I saw everything.

Paints and pencils

Painting my escapism

For the better part of ten years,

Comic panels and speech bubbles

Bringing my pictures to life;

What other company was there?

16 years in

I then realized I’ve harbored

More anger than I’ve let on;

Secluding myself,

Preferring my own company

Over others,

Building walls

“The Other Side”

Was rather occupied.

How could I

Not be good at academics

When assignments

Where the only variants

My life ever had?



That’s a good joke,

Abysmal defines most

Anything remotely close

To being serious

Was a no-go.

Why wait for someone else

To disappoint me

When I could do that perfectly?

Didn’t really care about anything

Or anyone,

Well, except a select few,

And then I met poetry.

– Original-Dante ©2016

To be continued (?)

9 Replies to “A Poem About Nothing In Particular.”

  1. The beginning of the “16 years” part of your poem … it never fails to amaze me how many people felt/feel what I thought was/is a strictly unique experience. So much substance here, love it! Great work 🙂

    1. Thank you Josie…its amazing how much we all inter-relate with our experiences; but its always nicer (in a weird kinda way) when you realize you’re not facing the journey alone and that others like yourself feel/felt the same way….

      On another note, Happy Weekend! 🙂

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