I’ll neither confirm nor deny

That you’ll hear me snap

If i’m busy writing

And you derail

My train of thought.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: same-but-different

15 Replies to “Reckoning.”

      1. When I grow up and become one, I’ll devise a trap in front of the door for all those that dare to disturb me. Failing that, I might just sit up on the roof instead. Few will dare to venture out of the window that’s long since forgotten because the room is no longer visible to normal folks. It’s ok, I think the migraine tablets made me a bit more doolally.

      2. When all else fails infrared lasers make a good counter-measure…don’t forget the homing missiles, the end result is satisfactory lol My psycho self gets worse each day

      3. No no. I’m going to get me a dragon or two. I’m pretty certain I can purchase them on the interwebby device. Yes, that, or I’ll go to the lake and feed them some cake; they’ll be following me home for the recipe.

        I really am going crazy now. Story or poetry, Annie? Yes, both.

      4. Damn, you’ve found some? I have an idea for a poem and now it’s blocking my thoughts. Exorcism.

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