Ever Here Around

Thank you for this.


(Disclaimer: Some or all of the images below may be difficult or disturbing to view)

In Honour and Remembrance of Martin Luther King, Jr., of Remarkable acts of Courage, Faith, and Resilience by men and women both famous and untold, and for all the lives forever scarred by Slavery.



Ever Here 5

Stand With Me on this Sacred Ground,
Listen for Speakin’ that has no Sound,
Lockin’ the pain and misery away,
And I’ll Never, No I’ll Never Say,
This is the end, this day is too hard,
Gonna Keep my Place, Gonna Keep Standin’ Guard,
Standin’ on this Sacred Ground,
Mighty Lord, Ever Here Around.


Stand With me on this Fire and Straw,
Though I am filled with Mortal Flaws,
Pushin’ Through the anger and Pain,
Never Lookin’ at these rusting Chains,
And I’ll Never, No I’ll Never Say,
This is the end, This day is too Loud

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