Untold Chronicles (Part 2)


Untold Chronicles (Part 1)

Kisses that wake

Hidden senses

That you never even

Knew existed.

– Original-Dante ©2015

Photograph by: Fort-o

5 Day Photo/ Story Challenge Day 1

I would like to thank The Chaser Of Dreams for nominating me for the 5 Day Photo/ Story Challenge,  You can check out her blog here.

The Guidelines:

Post a picture each day for five consecutive days. Attach a story to accompany
*can be fiction / non-fiction
*poem / short paragraph
*each day nominate another blogger

I’ve decided to use my Untold Chronicles series for this challenge; a series of micro-poems telling stories from a vast set of perspectives. Some might be a bit dark, i’m trying to play on reality as opposed to fantasy. To balance things out some of the poems won’t have dark tones, like this one 🙂 I hope you enjoy.

For my Day 1 nomination I choose Pearly, one of the sweetest souls I’ve met on WordPress. You can visit her blog at Designing Life

The Invisibility Trilogy.


While writing this piece I realized that I’ve already written two other pieces with the same theme but in different contexts (explains the impromptu title); for those interested, here are the other two pieces:

Practically Invisible


 With the inclusion of the above mentioned poems, the thoughts in this piece make more sense.


Where others wish

To be seen, I embrace

Being invisible.


Through fear of people?

Oh no my friend

You’re light-years away

From the truth.


Due to

Character being clear-cut,


Closest thing to literal.

Being invisible,

Entails that you see

Through me,

Thus making my presence,

The closest neighbhor

To non-existence.

– Original-Dante ©2015

Photograph by: ThatHatChick

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