Words (ForgottenMeadows & Original-Dante)

Neha from ForgottenMeadows and I have decided to do a collective of collaborations each month, for the next five months. This collaboration is the second of five, and our topic this time around was Words. If you’re interested in reading  the first poem, you can find it here.

Neha’s a really good friend of mine and one of the most supportive people I’ve met on WordPress. If you haven’t checked out her blog already I suggest you do; through her amazing poetry there’s always something new to learn, and you get to look at life and nature in a different (but definitely good) way. Our third piece will be coming soon!


Neha’s sections are in this colour.

My sections are in this colour.


I pray

That you don’t fall prey

To the mind

Of conscious thoughts

Without a conscience


I pray

That you hear your heart

Beating right here

Inside you.


I pray

That in this words play

You stay a while

And listen.


You can place a phrase here

Or a word there

Rather, anywhere

You so gracefully choose


The words play 

To your selected tune,

Thought conveyance

Made tangible

So like-minds

Can explore, and find

Your feelings and deeper meanings.


Through a few words

A verse can turn

From absurd

To superb, In turn

Shape-shifting perception

And the reader’s reality.


A whole new playground

Of letters illustrating

Mental calisthenics

Rendering doubt defunct,

An unparalleled transcendence

In knowledge,

Of the self.


– Original-Dante & ForgottenMeadows ©2015

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