Defenses: Conquered.

Literally abusing

His literary talent,

Evoking and expressing,

Feelings and deeper meanings

Leaving her

Used-to-be shields.



– Original-Dante


As I write,

Notice the veins

On my forearm?

Don’t be alarmed

If anything

Be worried

For my fountain pen;

The more I feel,

The more it bleeds.


– Original-Dante

Befuddling Puddles.



Do not be puzzled

By all the recurring puddles,

The tears in her eyes

Are nowhere close to subtle.

– Original-Dante

Photograph by: nikolinelr

The Deepest Cuts.



Never-mind the cut I got

From broken glass,

Its nothing compared

To the wound you left

In my heart.

– Original-Dante

Art by: Kelii

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