Skyward Sea.

by youwatchmebleed


Looking to the sky,

I wish to lie

Down, to soak in

The sights, like a sponge,

Candy floss cotton clouds,

Sailing in an endless sea

Shaded with a universal hue,

Quite the scene

Of therapeutic blue.

– Original-Dante

Photograph found here: youwatchmebleed

The Stand-Still.


Photo by ahermin


No matter how livid

You get, never forget

To make your wheel

Of progression pivot.

There’s no way,

A stand-still,

Will make life

an easier

To swallow pill.

– Original-Dante

The photograph can be found here:


Not one to judge,

But how does he expect

To fall in a pit of regret?

To fall down,

Or even drown,

In the face

Of such shallow ambition?


– Original-Dante

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