Irresistible, She Is.

Highly irresistible,

Permeating your visuals,

An unfailing presence

The very essence

Of her ultra-magnetic aesthetic.


– Original-Dante


Who am I except

The most invisible Individual

You’ve ever met?

Expected yet

Not at all affected,

If asked to change,

I would have it no different.


– Original-Dante

The Path To A Poet’s Mind.

Emotions strike the match,

Fueling passionate poetry

Adding much needed fluidity,

To the ink slinging,

Personalizing Cartography,

The map to my mind

Is designed

Through my writing.


– Original-Dante

Coined Personalities.

Painting by Anti-Pati-ya


The only reason

He has it all in place

And is rarely fazed

Is simply because

He’s two-faced.

– Original-Dante

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