Rather aggressive

In my illustrative approach,

Negativity plays no part

Its all from the heart.


– Original-Dante

Irresistible, She Is.

Highly irresistible,

Permeating your visuals,

An unfailing presence

The very essence

Of her ultra-magnetic aesthetic.


– Original-Dante


Who am I except

The most invisible Individual

You’ve ever met?

Expected yet

Not at all affected,

If asked to change,

I would have it no different.


– Original-Dante

The Path To A Poet’s Mind.

Emotions strike the match,

Fueling passionate poetry

Adding much needed fluidity,

To the ink slinging,

Personalizing Cartography,

The map to my mind

Is designed

Through my writing.


– Original-Dante

Coined Personalities.

Painting by Anti-Pati-ya


The only reason

He has it all in place

And is rarely fazed

Is simply because

He’s two-faced.

– Original-Dante

Artist can be found here:

Romance Unattainable.

She is forever

What they will never,


Dream of having.


– Original-Dante

Light Source.

Morning Trees


I see no darkness

Within her,

Or her exterior,

Not even slightly

She shines brightly,

Like the sun.

– Original-Dante

Chasing Gold.

His foot

Glued to the pedal,

Unwilling to settle,

For second place

Till he gets,

That Golden medal.


– Original-Dante

Light Your Own Path.

In the darkness,

The road is as long

As your headlights can see,


Keep your eyes open,

And go as far

As your eyes can see.


– Original-Dante

A World Of Goodwill Funerals.

What a pity party,

She takes no notice

Of the situation’s gravity,

It should be no surprise,

Take a second look

At her heart,

And take note of the cavity.


– Original-Dante

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