The Fall.

Its a long fall,

So with the little words

I can use as comfort

I give her something

She can hang onto.


– Original-Dante ©2015


Daily Prompt: Carry

Heart To Heart.

He flowed

On top of her

Like water,

Un-Bob or weavable,

Making contact

With every bit

Of her curvature.



Iris Of Seduction.

Deep in her eyes

A new world

That leaves me

In a trance,

Incredibly exotic yet

Delectably hypnotic,

Leaving me idle.



When She Speaks.

Lightly spoken,

Her affectionate whispers

Sound the loudest.




Our World.

A different world

Where a few lines

Make a difference.


Leaving pages worded

If not bedazzled

With glimmering snares

For the weary.



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