… And Then They Wondered.

Wondering Why

The bridge

Between them burned,


In a world

Full of all sorts

Of fires,

They both decided

To make it

Out of thatch.




Thoughts From The Blender (Brett Fish & Original-Dante)

My contribution to the collaboration with Brett Fish Anderson, a good friend and Champion of the ink-a-thon. Please go to this link to see his contribution: Irresistibly Fish


Difference brews perspectives,

Perspectives supply ideas,

Ideas bring about innovation,

Etcetera, Etcetera,

An intertwined supply line

The list goes on.


Not one thing, is more dominant

Than the other,

Would we still call it a rainbow,

If all it had was a single shade,

Would it still look as majestic?


Who are we, to say we are different?

A fear of the unknown

Yet we deem ourselves the known.

Pitching red flags

On that which we’ve never seen

Or taken time to experience.


Hopes from the blender,

Amount to unity

and the erasure of ever-surfacing

Earthly demarcations

Through a plethora

Of penned lines.






Courtesy Of The Negativity Bringers.

The brazen task

Of chasing our dreams

Is not taken note of,


Our failure to do so.





Pieces Within Pieces.

He didn’t break

Her heart,

He broke the pieces.



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