How The Mind Works.

Keeping them short


‘Cause the mind

Is always, like the chamber

Of a revolver

In constant rotation

Cocked and ready,

For the next shot.



6 Replies to “How The Mind Works.”

    1. Thank you Brett, your words truly motivate me. I surely hope you’ll give micro-poetry a shot, I never used to like it; but well, here we are 🙂 (I’ll be sure to check out your poetry)

      1. As for advice on how to get started, I’d suggest you check out other micro-poets on Twitter…it’ll give you a rough idea of various styles and ease you into the process…

      2. Also i have had a lot of people guest post on my blog but i’ve never had a guest poem – is that something you would consider? i give you a topic and you write an exclusive poem for my blog with links back to your blog to help draw some new traffic your way?

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