By The Sandy Shore.



By the shoreline

Her name,

Foot drawn

On the sand grains.


Washed away

By an ocean wave,

I then realize

That even the water,

Wants her.


A Sigh For An Eye.

Revenge seems

Like a dazzling idea

Until you realize,

That it makes you

No different from

The apparent other.




“Mark my words… ”

She said,

Marking a part

Of my soul.



My Prayer.

I only wish for

A paramour

Who embraces

My ambitions and dreams

Revoked of traits exhibited

By a natural saboteur.



How The Mind Works.

Keeping them short


‘Cause the mind

Is always, like the chamber

Of a revolver

In constant rotation

Cocked and ready,

For the next shot.



Morning Hue.

Wake up

Early enough

And witness

The sun

Colour your surroundings

With Midas touch.

– Original-Dante ©2015

Daily Prompt: Witness

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