Seasons Of Light (Mae & Original-Dante)

A collaborative poem with the ultra-talented Mae, you can find more of her poetry here: @lilacsnow


My sections are in this colour. 

Her sections are in this colour.



The sun shines brightly

Such divine grace

Seen and felt

Through the heat


Hard to ignore

With glistening skin

Squinting to catch a glimpse

Of the massive mana dropper

For the greenery

A sight for sore eyes.



She calls herself

Autumn, with her

Ripe cherry lips and

Kisses that taste

Of dark, exotic honey.


Every year she arrives

In her gown

Of see-through amber

Her soft voluptuous hips

Swaying slowly

In the light.



Beneath a sky

The colour of grief

The air is heavy

With silent light

The birds, you see,

Have fallen silent

Their songs

Lie bleeding

In fresh fallen snow.




Colours spring about

Rainbows within rainbows

A direct revearsal

To the achromatic       

The last seasoned model

To the ultimate ending

If not, the beginning.


-Mae & Dante





Do observe.

You never notice

How far ahead you are

Until you take the time

To stop.



To Feel.

Take away

The pain

And you’re one

Step closer

To not

Being Human.



The Bright Side Of The Moon.



The moon is slit


Its gentle face.



With that voice

She made sure,

The kiss had started

Long before

It had started.





Ideas are like fish

In a sea of thoughts,

The focus and title

And where

It’s set to encompass

Is reminiscent

Of a wide net,

So pick a nice spot

As you sail

Through the brainstorm

And catch the good ones.



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