Unforeseen Shifts.

Picture by Saad Anwar (Brother and Best-friend)


Rose petals and confetti

Party poppers and beverages

Conversations and giggles

Screams of joy and amusement.

Lets throw good morals

Out the window, for one night

Come on …lets live a little

Who cares about tomorrow

When the fun is now?

Who does?

Rhetorical question right?

A single moment has more layers

Than sedimentary rocks

More perspectives,

Than a 6-by-6 Rubik’s cube.

What happens on that high pedestal

You might have given yourself

Has a direct correlation

To what happens

On what you consider

The slums of society.

More knowledge to be had

By considering direct repercussions

Of unconsidered actions,

Only a few learn that lesson

But sometimes

That lesson is learnt

A bit too late.


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