They Call Us Poets.

Claimed to possess special powers

Of imagination and self expression

Scribbling for countless hours

Its really quite possible

With how we’re highly audible.


Saying more while saying less

Consistent with our witty wordplay

Us giving up? Surely you jest

Harnessing inspiration

From the unexpected.


Out of the box thinking

Unpackaged intelligence

Unbranded, Unpredictable

Verbally delectable

Constantly exploring

What many call the uncharted.


In a league of our own

“Normal” is an unknown

Give us a platform

And prepare

To have your mind blown.




The first in this series of poems titled “They Call Us Poets” if you feel like collaborating in the next part contact me on …the more the merrier, lets express ourselves and show how gifted Poets really are, even though we already know it haha 🙂













CLOUDs (part 3)



Clear blue skies, reflective of my melancholy

Rid of clouds, nature’s highly advertised candy floss

Which either rained down, or got blown away

To a different location,

Much like the memories they carry.

The cloud’s, shapes and forms

Now a distant memory

Not much lasts forever

Learnt that the hard way.

Getting slowed down, by the thought,

Is a valid option

That I’m not willing to take,

Time stops for no-one


Of how this story ends

Hope for an even brighter day

Still encompasses a larger portion

Of this poet’s mind.


Part 1 and 2 of the CLOUDs series can be found in the links below 🙂 :

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Relentless drive

To charge through

Mentally crafted obstacles,

Laziness and words

That inspire the thought

Naturally circumvented.

Enough gas in the tank

To utter only one word,






Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.

-George S. Patton


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