Within My Dreams.

My dream

Of you

Was surreal,

… Oops, I meant

So real.



The Other Grape Vine.

Within seconds,

She had him


Around her

Little finger,

Much like

A grape vine.




How I See Things.

“They Are obviously superior”


I don’t see myself

As inferior,

I see them all

As equals.



Textual Disparities.

“I love you”

Cut to

“Love you”

You tend to wonder

If its still true.



By The Sandy Shore.



By the shoreline

Her name,

Foot drawn

On the sand grains.


Washed away

By an ocean wave,

I then realize

That even the water,

Wants her.


A Sigh For An Eye.

Revenge seems

Like a dazzling idea

Until you realize,

That it makes you

No different from

The apparent other.




“Mark my words… ”

She said,

Marking a part

Of my soul.



My Prayer.

I only wish for

A paramour

Who embraces

My ambitions and dreams

Revoked of traits exhibited

By a natural saboteur.



How The Mind Works.

Keeping them short


‘Cause the mind

Is always, like the chamber

Of a revolver

In constant rotation

Cocked and ready,

For the next shot.



Morning Hue.


Wake up

Early enough

And witness

The sun

Colour your surroundings

With Midas touch.

– Original-Dante ©2015

Daily Prompt: Witness

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