In a competition with myself

To best my past efforts

Re-reading old pieces

Filled with lines written

In hesitation, of public opinion.

Holding back ideas,

That I thought

People would never like

If I didn’t give them

What they sought,

A people-pleaser, who transitioned

From a kid who’s undoubtedly shy

To an adult destined

To make people’s light bulbs fry.


Free Fall.

Never mind that descent

Any given downfall

Has its fair share of positives,

What looks like falling to you

May look like flying to others.




Patience is elastic

Until intentionally tested,

The longer the sentence

The longer the thought process,

No matter the time

No matter the place,

Thought conveyance is unlimited

Until Ink runs out.






Meeting a new world constituent

Still brings the same giddy feeling

A feeling invisible to the naked eye.

And then another familiarity arises

Skepticism, from supposition one,

A natural constant

That can-not be undone.


With my sharp memory as a wing-man

I chisel decisions with intelligence

Gathered from past experiences

Sculpting my next move.

“Do I trust this person?”

I ask, pressuring myself

As if the answer

To that recurring question

Is necessitated to oxygen levels.


Looking at the person, I slowly dissect

What I can

Coming and going in their presence

So much so,

Like the Doppler Effect.

Trying my best

Not to place them, on that vacant pedestal

Fighting that ever-surfacing naivety

Dining with Reality,

Instead of my far-fetched fantasies.