Meeting a new world constituent

Still brings the same giddy feeling

A feeling invisible to the naked eye.

And then another familiarity arises

Skepticism, from supposition one,

A natural constant

That can-not be undone.


With my sharp memory as a wing-man

I chisel decisions with intelligence

Gathered from past experiences

Sculpting my next move.

β€œDo I trust this person?”

I ask, pressuring myself

As if the answer

To that recurring question

Is necessitated to oxygen levels.


Looking at the person, I slowly dissect

What I can

Coming and going in their presence

So much so,

Like the Doppler Effect.

Trying my best

Not to place them, on that vacant pedestal

Fighting that ever-surfacing naivety

Dining with Reality,

Instead of my far-fetched fantasies.



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