V formation.




Being a simple process,

Hardly breaking a sweat

To reach the next milestone,

Unlimited assists


From veritable support pillars,

No sugar basin

Tastes that much sweeter

Than a combined victory.




Don’t wait for your ship to come in… Swim out to it.



Soothing Articulation.

Her voice echoed in my ears,

For what seemed like forever

A passing stranger, uttering a single

Yet subtle word,


As we bumped

On a crowded sidewalk.



Yet I was the one not looking

Where I was going?

In awe

Of such selflessness.


Her face, I did not see

But her voice,

Ah….her voice

Such divine articulation,

Pushing my imagination to its limits

Hurriedly placing possible facial features

To go with such a soothing voice.


Its possible, that I was off the mark,

That I gave her a face

Far beyond its actuality,

But what if  …


What if  it was  the face I pictured

To the very last detail,

What if  It surpassed

My imagination

By a mile,

What if  …

I just let the one,

Walk away …







From a pile of ashes

Rise out anew


Dodging and leaving

The ashy cloud,

As if you’re the very air


The fragmented particles themselves.



Don’t give up on you…


Don’t give up…

on that dream,

sought by your tired eyes,

for even this long lonely night,

will be followed by the light

of day…

the tides rising in your heart will calm,

Keep walking on your way…

Don’t give up,

on you.

poetry and image copyright neha 2015 poetry and image copyright neha 2015

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Never lose hope!

Mother Nature’s Sentiment.


Through the rustling trees

Comes nature’s whisper

Of a greater tomorrow.


Learn How to Draw Boundaries with Manipulative People


Drawing boundaries is difficult for people that have People Pleaser Syndrome because we were never taught how to draw our own boundaries. Personal boundaries were constantly crossed by one or both parents.

People from abusive backgrounds were brought up to keep our feelings and opinions to ourselves and to cater to the feelings of others. If you have people pleaser syndrome then you have some (not necessarily all) of the following characteristics.

1. Difficulty saying no, especially when the other person does not want to accept “no” for an answer.

2.  Extreme anxiety during any confrontations.

3. Extreme anxiety when people are disappointed in you, or they are  not happy with your actions.

4. DIfficulty standing your ground, when you do not agree with someone.

5. Get taken advantage of easily or often.

6. Other people get more time to make their case during arguments. You end up feeling intimidated…

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Hit The Mark.

You only get one shot at life

A single round in the chamber

There are two options:

Either fire blanks and waste it

Or take 20 paces and draw.



Revolutions Per Minute.

Living in the moment, tomorrow is never certain

With life’s constants and variables

And its number one buddy


Unmanaged, versatile and formless

Like water,

Supplying a diverse set of wavelengths

Conjuring the unpredictable.


In a sea of dreams

Nothing is ever certain,

What you hope to see

And what will be,

Can, and will probably,

Be two different things.



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