As the pen touches the paper

It is notably dominated

By those inked strokes


By those letters I settle

Straight on the papers lines

A hotline of emotions

Straight from the brain

And with that impromptu piece

Comes less of what I had set to expect

Rapid thoughts illustrated

With more of that enjambment effect.





Dante’s Corner (part 3)




28 March 2015,

Picture this level of irony, Graduating on the same day I started this blog last year. Its a bit crazy, but in a good way. Its only through such achievements that I realize how far I’ve come; I remember being a kid, wondering if I would ever get the chance to finish high-school; now look where I am, It seems like only yesterday that I was envious of others while playing by the swing-set.

Time has indeed flown by, and I have God to thank for keeping me alive and well through-out this journey, however, I don’t plan on stopping here… In the words of my uncle, “Its nice that you’ve graduated, but remember, this only shows that you can crawl; now you need to start walking” I couldn’t agree more; I want to keep aiming higher and make my family proud.




P.S. For those wondering, that’s my father to the left, my mentor and a man of great wisdom, the best father anyone could ever ask for.



I’ve lost count, of how many times
I’ve wanted to succumb
To that anger.
A few minutes, to let it all out
No doubt,
It would be gratifying
Emotionally satisfying
But …right after
I would feel It, regret,
Of an individual highly prone
To a super-hero complex,
So I do what I always do
Shrug off the insensitive
Or laugh
At the mediocre attempts
If they catch me on a good day
I hand out gold stars.


Red Flags.

How many wires

Did I have to trip

To finally admit

That it was a red flag parade?


Answer: too many,

Base instinct is underestimated

Next time

I’ll listen.



Daily doses

With a pen in my hand
I am indeed ready
For the next poetic fix,
A piece Inspired
By the rain drops
Tap dancing on my window.


A Taste Of First Light

Nothing quite beats
That first breath,
Of the freshest air
By that kiss
From the Sun’s rays
Nothing quite beats,
The gift
Of a new day.


The Fade

All thats left are memories
Of what once was
And never will be,
Like a dream I cant recollect
Everything has ultimately


Leaking Identity

After an unwarranted hiatus
Though undoubtedly useful
Came an eye-opener
And powerful Impetus.
To what I hear you ask?
Life, people, myself
The whole bunch.

It was very much so
A good experience
At some points,
Quite intense.

Of all the lessons I’ve learnt
Relying on myself
Is not, and never will be
A good idea.

Relying on others is worse
No doubt
Keeping eyes
On the most high
Afterall, Salvation
Is just a step away.


Quick Visits

Strolling down the street
A literal walk
Down memory lane
Of a place I once knew.

Same places, different faces
Old friendships forged
Childhood squabbles had.

A vault of memories
Carefully filed
An archive of stories
Never to be forgotten.



With every achievement, comes a new checklist

Re-affirmed vision, aiming higher

Like a three-volley salute.


The future is not determined

By that significant other,

Principles can never be bent

For that passionate lover.


No matter how tempting

Stick to those beliefs

That you grew knowing

The good, not the bad.


Peer-pressure, Social constructs

Nothing more than barriers,

Its like having a fly trap

To catch a Dreadnought

I know right,

Laughable outcome.