Waist encompassing

Platinum plated belts

Invisible to the eye,

Born attached


That makes hearts melt

Pessimism is smashed

With the ability

Not to quit

Because that

Is what we inhabit.


A moral compass

With one direction

Dream chasers,

Like the movie Inception.



For negativity holders

You know



The Positivity Smolders,


Definitely not perfect

But striving to be

The “Change” express

With a radiating ambience


With the victory dance

Practically a norm

For us





(Still not completely free, decided to post a poem when I got the time though)


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Dante’s Corner (part 2)

-DARY! and indeed it was, smiles all around for my sister, and that’s all that matters. I’m glad to have been part of the overall experience, took a lot of energy but there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for family. Even from my blogging station I hope she enjoys her Honey-moon and continues to be an inspiration to her younger (but definitely more ambitious) brother.



So, the New Year huh …hope it went well for everyone, mine was, well …okay …not to be a party pooper or anything but the last couple of weeks haven’t exactly been breath-taking. Illustration: Imagine you’re eating your favorite meal, devouring each and every bit, and out of the blue you find a cockroach in the depths of such a marvelous delicacy; that’s what I’m feeling. I like to believe the best in people, I really do, but right now …there’s something amiss …my sixth sense keeps tingling (minor Spider-man reference, don’t judge). Once someone betrays you, building that trust is really difficult, I get over things pretty quickly, ’cause I know I mess up at times, but when you start seeing the same pattern being exhibited again, a sense of de ja vu which you know leads to the same emotional pain? you have to ask yourself if its all worth it …I’m a fighter, but I work well in a team, If I don’t feel the same investment I offer emotionally ….I withdraw without even realizing it at times. I won’t mention any names, I believe in addressing problems face to face.

I don’t know whether to call it a curse or a gift, but I pay attention a bit too much… If I see an inconsistency, I feel the need to find out why… and i’ve been seeing plenty. This is probably the first time I’ve posted something so personal, and I know there’ll be people assuming i’m talking about them, but no, its just a thought that’s been piercing my mind of late.

I’ll admit (even my friends know this) that I’ve never liked sharing my inner emotions, makes me feel vulnerable…and I don’t like that feeling ….I guess this is a start.



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