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Its been a solid year I have to say, when I started this blog I never thought I’d get this far in such a short amount of time (80+ posts). I believe I’ve developed significantly as a writer and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some good people, who im proud to call friends. I haven’t been posting much and i’d love to say its because I was recruited for the Justice League, spending time in the Bat Cave; but its due to pre-planning, for my (super cool) sister’s wedding, among other things. With all this moving around I might not get the chance to post any time soon (merry christmas in advance, oh and a happy new year) however I hope to see a lot of creative pieces when I get back. For now all my attention will be focussed on making sure my sister’s wedding is Legen- (wait for it…)


*My CyberSpace

Short and precise

This is but a slice

Of what I wish to share

This month has truly been a snare

Of vast proportions, trapping free time

Without this,  I’m no different from a mime

Over-exaggeration? ..maybe

Its actually kinda crazy

How often I think

Of what i’ll write

when I come back to this space

My one and only

Special place.


Questions? Contact me: michaeldante01@gmail.com


The blog life span?
Nice question,
To get a better picture
Try envisioning a rocking chair,
A frail old man,
And a scalp
With grey hair.

Barely able
To hold a pen,
Still trying
To reach the masses
With glasses
Upon Sanford glasses.

Thats the plan anyway,
Events dont always
Play out as planned.
Who can say,
But no matter what
Come what may
As long
As there’s this gift of life
You’d best believe
I’ll do all I can,
To write.


Taking command.

Nothing more enthralling
Than a dance with words
A high irreplaceable
Once it occurs.

A pen nearby
In case I need another dose
God given talent
That I indeed hold close.

I shift a line here,
And sometimes a rhyme there
With a sometimes cold
If not demanding stare.

In my own world
Where I’m in charge
A poetic front-liner,
I’m my own Sarge.
Strategic positioning
On the war table
Of metaphors and similes
As much as im able.

Is my enemy,
Surprising the reader
Is my remedy.


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