Have long been removed
Thoughts uncontained,
Freedom of choice
An understatement.

We see the clearer picture,
Clear-cut edges
Limitless perspective.

But, within that frame
That boundary
Lay an under-appreciated
Sense of security.

Not being able
To experience
What we haven’t
Brings an urge
To pounce
At the first glimpse.

The result
Diminishing control.
For once you see
What’s beyond the curtain
No matter how horrid
Its no longer your choice
To unsee it.


3 Replies to “Frameless”

  1. “Not being able to experience what we haven’t ” and “sometimes the result equals diminishing control”… the paragraphs where these are found are the ones that touched me the most. I can totally relate. The funny part apart what you are trying to say there is that no matter how many times I “have seen” and not liked what was behind the curtain, I still fight the urge “to see”. All the common sense in the world cannot make me walk away. I want to see… and once I see and I maybe do not like, I am fascinated with trying to unsee… vicious cycle, maybe?
    Thanks for this piece… I am following you right away.

    1. A vicious cycle indeed…as humans we’re always curious to know what we don’t, and usually when we finally do its not as rosey as we would have perceived it to be….I’m glad you could relate nekaaar, means a lot 🙂 ….thanks for the follow 😀

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