Dwindling bridges

A sucker for friendship

Constantly trying to mend

The dilapidated

Seeing no end


Of the signs.







3 Replies to “Dwindling bridges”

  1. And then when it ends, what do you do?
    Friendships are so nice, but at this time in my life, they also terrify me. The energy, the effort, the constant stabbing yourself in chest with your own blade… all because you want it to work.
    That is why I take refuge in music and books… inanimate, yes, but truly the best companions I’ve ever had.
    Your words strike a chord in me. Taking me places only music can.

  2. Believe it or not, I dont have many friends precisely cause of what you just mentioned…the realization that noone was willing to go as far as I would for them was an eye-opener…Inanimate objects, truly a blessing…im happy you could relate nekaaar 🙂

    1. And I’m happy to have have someone to relate to… it’s refreshing. Where I am, it’s impossible to find even a sliver of kindred spirit. But here I can put my feet up…
      *toothy grin*

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