Dwindling bridges

A sucker for friendship

Constantly trying to mend

The dilapidated

Seeing no end


Of the signs.









So this,

Is what it feels like,

To have a sword

Then a spear,

My reach


To have gone


Its initial limits.


Gaining experience

My senses

Sharpened, hence

Through living


I see

What I could not before.


I am no longer clouded

By pretense,

The future


Is shrouded,

My poetry


Parts and pieces

Of my recompense.


From my chosen path

I will take

What I have,

From my mistakes

To my achievements

And push further

Than I have ever dared

To Imagine.


My faith

Will be challenged



But my will


Stay strong.





Currently Reading – The Night Angel Trilogy



I failed to mention this earlier but I’ve been reading this trilogy for a while now, I’m already on the second book and the plot has me hooked. I probably wouldn’t have considered the trilogy had it not been my best friend who recommended it. I plan to do a full review of the trilogy, mentioning my likes and dislikes, while avoiding spoilers of-coarse.

A separate category for Reviews will be added in this regard.



1000 wonderful people!

To be honest I’ve never had so many followers and it brings me great joy knowing people actually look at what I write.  It might not be  much for others because they have 14 000+ followers, but to me, it signals progress. I began Blogging 7 months ago, and I’ve met a lot of lovely people since then; it truly is an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. whether the follower counter goes to 980 or 1001 after this post does not matter, I’ll continue to do everything I can to keep my readers captivated.

Many thanks to the people who supported me, from the bottom of my heart.




(Note to self: when you hit 2 000 have a cheer-leading squad ready)






Talking to you

Reminded me

Of what it means

To be alive again.


Your humor,


Non-stop laughter.


Your wit,

Bordering on genius.


The art of conversation

Effortlessly executed.


Images embedded,

The font,

The chat bubbles,

The emotes.


If I could

I would


Every single thing

All over again.






A misunderstood


Looking for answers

In Life’s

Well crafted

Cross-word puzzle.



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