Broken Pieces: Chapter 1 (snippet)


Walter’s cellphone rang by the bedside table as he lay in bed; he had no intention of picking it up, after all, he was battling a hang-over. The digital clock beside his phone had the time 6:57 am written on it. The previous night Walter had been partying with ‘friends’ at a club; the fun had lasted until 3am in the morning. After a few minutes of trying to ignore the ringtone he reached for the phone. He looked at the time on his digital clock before glancing at the caller I.D, it was Ned.


He yawned and then answered, “Ned…”


“Walt – – were you still sleeping?” Ned asked.


“Its seven in the morning, couldn’t this have waited?” Walter replied with a hoarse voice.


“For your hang-over to finish? No, no, no, the sound of your suffering is music to my ears” Ned laughed.


Rolling his eyes Walter responded, “Well If you’re satisfied, I’ll be going to bed now”


“You wish. Did you forget? Today is the first day of our university orientation”


Walter quickly got out of bed and rushed to the calendar positioned by his door, Crap.


“It starts at seven-thirty, so don’t be late. They’ll be registering names”


“Y-yeah, sure”


“Okay. See you there”


Walter hung up showing no sign of enthusiasm, he browsed through his phone and noticed a set of missed calls and messages from Rachel. Not HER again. He cleared his call log and deleted all the new messages without even looking at the content. The Rachel situation was a severe case of a clingy ex, he didn’t see the need to entertain her. Four months had passed since finishing high school at Quanterbury High, he felt as if all the memories he had made at that school were left behind, with only a few exceptions. He tried not to think about it all too much, all his attention was focussed on getting to the university campus on time.



Broken Pieces: Prologue



The full chapter will be posted real soon, I apologize If the wait was too long. 🙂






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