The Forgotten Word

The word,

That has the timid choking

Playing skip-rope

With the heart

Making it jump, and skip

A beat.


The word,

That works between

Two other words,

To make a three-letter phrase

That leaves many dumb-founded.


Once I heard it

For the first

I’ll admit,

My heart pounded.


A word, full of feeling

The easiest form, of verbal expression

Four letters, Of boundless affection

A word that describes,








11 Replies to “The Forgotten Word”

  1. Oh yes, super awesome wonderful. That reminds me, I’m skipping tomorrow morning. This has such great flow and energy. I’m not surprised it is one of your favourites.

    I must stop poking around in here, delightful as it is, and actually do some more work. I shall return.

      1. Oh my. Well, I never started this as a poetry blog but you will find poetry and lots of it. The early stuff from a few months ago is…well…you know, just that and the rest, take it as you find it. Now I’m writing between here and the other place.

      2. Thank you. Now you need to say something horrible so that I don’t start believing you.

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