Remotely Universal – Fast Forward


A dread for the present

Looking only into the morrow

I wish only

To meet you again.


We’ve been through this thicket,

This maze,

Why go through the same trial

When the outcome

Is all but clear?


A wish

For the fast-forward button

Is all but impossible.


I shift perspective

And everything

Feels much easier,



Is just another challenge

Another wall,

Waiting to befriend

Our wrecking ball.


If we’ve done it once

We can surely

Do it again.






The Forgotten Word

The word,

That has the timid choking

Playing skip-rope

With the heart

Making it jump, and skip

A beat.


The word,

That works between

Two other words,

To make a three-letter phrase

That leaves many dumb-founded.


Once I heard it

For the first

I’ll admit,

My heart pounded.


A word, full of feeling

The easiest form, of verbal expression

Four letters, Of boundless affection

A word that describes,








Boarding – Gate Something

Hey everyone,

Its been a crazy four months of writing; I wish it was all poetry though; those assignments always find a way of making their presence known. Oh and lets not forget the exams that kept playing tag team with the rest of my course-work. Never-the-less, its been an interesting experience.

I’ll be moving to a new place temporarily, and while I’m there, I’ll unfortunately not be able to post as frequently as I usually do. However, I believe this ‘break’ will give me time to reflect on a lot of things happening in my life. I’ll continue writing though, that way I’ll have more to post when I get back.

If you happen to find the time to visit my blog and read some of my old posts please leave a comment and tell me what you think; it would mean a lot to me.

Otherwise I hope everyones’ week is going well, mine certainly is; the reason for that will be revealed later on…

“Oh, no, suspense!?”

(*gasp!*) =O





















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