They Fell For Each Other.

Eye-contact between them was always prevalent;

Feelings between them were always evident.

Looking at each other with focus, like hawk eyes

Not staying away from each other,

Their feelings, never told lies

Meters apart never broke the unofficial connection;

Each passing day strengthened their visual affection.

It became ritual

To look at each other at a distance, and always smile

Simple gestures would lead to them grinning, for at least a mile.


He could not wait any longer and decided to say “hi”

He discovered that no progress is made until you try,

She responded with a sweet and hearty chuckle

Her eyes always captured him, with their unwavering sparkle.

Hearing her voice was just what he needed to get through the day;

Hearing his voice made her speechless, she did not know what to say.

Hoping to continue the conversation he asked for her name;

She told him, and he did the same.


They had an awkward moment, no-one  saying anything to the other,

The simple exchange in looks, signaled a vast amount of words.

The bell rang; it was time for them to go back to class;

Shocking,  how quickly time had come to pass.

He hesitantly moved in for a hug,

She smiled and gave him a light tug.

They knew this was going to lead to something greater,

Their connection, without a single word, made them feel much stronger.


If you would have asked them where their connection was headed,

They never knew

Even their friends did not believe it,

Only a few.

Later on in the years as they looked into each others eyes

And smiled since they had nothing to hide

He would put the ring on her finger and fulfill their dream of him being the groom

And her being the bride.



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