Cold Circle.

Frozen thoughts chained with a past I can’t forget; erasing memories is a process happening at a glacial pace. Circle residents collaborate with the pen and paper, providing a gateway, my form of escapism. Staying true to character, trying my best to please those who have my back, little by little however,  I find ‘regret’ emblazoned on the majority, leaving me with the minority. Lurking behind corners, shadows with gargantuan appetites for my demise propel verbal missiles with the intent of revenge. Nothing would please these cloaked figures more than seeing me fall into a pit of stalagmites. Rumors spread and circulate like tornadoes, ultimately, the truth is never mentioned. Finding out that someone you thought you could count on was using your personal downfalls to update their gossip article. The emotional scale does not border on sadness. Anger surfaces in the pool of emotions for being naive, falling in the same pit, again.

My principle, picking positives within the negatives; the realization that it is only through these tough times that credibility is put to the test. An indirect filter for a social circle filled with uncertainty.



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