The moment which breaks the chain, a pattern you thought would stick, the moment your heart is used like a door mat, “welcome”. A singular moment that defines who you truly are, and what you’re capable of. Are you the kind of person, who will rally  manifestations of that negative energy and use it as a weapon to quench your own need for revenge? Or is it just another learning experience, in which the battle isn’t totally lost, as you gained knowledge of how to avoid similar occurrences in the future?

Moments in which these bad events happen sometimes come in bits and pieces, like break intervals in a boxing match, giving us time to heal in-between. This isn’t the case all the time though, at times a bad moment can come with the force of an avalanche, looking to flatten what little humanity you have left precipitously. A moment, in which a relationship you thought was built on roses, turns out to be a game, and you’re just a pawn. Its a road constructed on moments. Beautiful beginnings, brutal realisations and unexpected outcomes; a labyrinth of unpredictable events that are waiting for us. All we can do is be ready for these moments by building formidable defense bunkers; because its through these kind of moments that we prove our worth, our resilience, our dedication as well as our will, to keep moving forward.



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