At The Starting Line.

Status Update:

I only recently started blogging in an effort to share what i write with the world, the main aim was to escape my comfort zone and get to see what other people (besides my friends) thought about what i write. I needed to see what random people who don’t even know me would think; because i wasn’t sure if my friends were just trying to make me feel better. Having experienced what the blogosphere has to offer, i am not disappointed, in fact, i’m wondering why i didn’t start blogging much earlier. It has only been a few days and i feel right at home, the poems i’m seeing are truly awe inspiring, there is a lot of talent to be found here and i’m looking forward to reading what everyone has to say. The people are very welcoming, within the first few hours i felt accepted, i felt a strong sense of belonging as people told me they liked what i was writing.

To those following my blog, i’ll try my best not to disappoint; I put effort into each piece i write, every line is meant to captivate; no followers will be taken for granted. I look forward to seeing the comments, especially the criticisms; i believe telling me where i’m lacking is vital for my development as a writer, and i’ll always listen. Recently i was given the Liebster award and that made me feel good, i felt a strong urge to pick up the pen and attack pages of my drafting book ferociously. I plan to get to know more people, considering i’ll be here for a long time, the journey has only just begun.



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