Her Domain

A figure that deserves more than one look,

Sculpted with patience and revoked of flaws.

From a crate of empty bottles

Came one which is undefined by the contemporary,

Filled to the brim with perfection.

Like a rare gem,

The figure glitters,

Bearing traits of a mannequin display;

Gaining the attention of those who pass it

 A pure reversal on Midas touch,

To those who gain the privilege to get into contact with it;

More meaning is given.

2 Replies to “Her Domain”

  1. Hello, I found your blog on the Community Pool and the name sounded interesting,so I decided to check it out and was not dissapointed.
    I like the writing, it calls for pondering and I like that, I also like when there is a part that simply wants to stay with me, in this post it would definitely be this:
    “A pure reversal on Midas touch”
    Looking forward to reading more of your writing! 🙂

    1. I’m happy to know the name peaked your interest; and that you were not disappointed by my writing. It brings me joy to know what i write is leaving an impression on someone, your words truly are motivating. I look forward to posting more of my writing and showing it to you.

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