Early Endings

Life is a journey, filled with multiple forks in the road; a pathway lacking carriage markings, the signs are not apparent. Recollecting the past, remembering the moments that need editing; a momentary glimpse of events occurring in ways I wish they would. A sense of nostalgia that has us wishing we could go back in time, for minor re-adjustments. Feeling like a funambulist on a tight rope, the idea of choice is obsolete; I can only look where I am going, forward. Rough patches are a given, In a race to the top, barriers are nothing more than building material for stepping-stones. Dwelling on the past, wishing for change; a mission that bears no success in reality, only in the mind. Yesterday is a relic to change, well out of our reach, today and tomorrow are well within our sights. We are not alone on this journey, it is an exodus to the future; a future in which all of us, much like a band, play a part. So let us reminisce, but at the same time remember that our past is gone and done for; what we need to focus on is our present and how it is going to change our future.

Live life to its fullest, a literal beacon of joy, illuminating the dark thoughts of loss and despair within peoples’ minds. Striving to be the people who cause happiness wherever they go, not whenever they go.

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