In this place I call my mind.

Welcome to,

maze of mixed thoughts, seemingly blended like punch, nuclear fusions coupled with nucleosynthesis and potential supernovas; a gauge with nothing but red on both ends; hierarchical structures that constitute rooms filled with memories and dreams. Hallways that look like a Rubik’s cube, with a palette of doors that resonate different personalities , repeatedly shifting places. Wallpapers plastered on the walls, covering cheap framed pictures of the pretentious and conniving. A laboratory filled with beakers, solutionsfunneled, filling volumetric flasks only to heat them with Bunsen burners, flames envelop carefully thought out combinations to achieve the unachievable. Adventurers unable to decipher the cryptic map, folded like origami, twists and turns that are only navigated through gracefully dropped bread crumbs.


Striving to discover that which hasn’t been found, the cruiser travels through the storm, sails are left tattered and cargo that provides dead-weight is left as flotsam. Like the Napoleonic wars, the boarders expand, the blockade stays steadfast like the iron curtain, either whatever inside does not want anything getting in; or it is considerably comfortable that it does not plan on getting out. Parchments within the domain, as frequent as they may be are saturated through brainstorming. Work benches, schematics and bricks; materials to construct a suitable future for myself and those i care about. Time will tell, if the informative signs were throwing the blood-thirsty hounds off the right scent or onto an indefinite detour.

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