CLOUDs (part 2)

The love blossoms for yet another day like a flower in its early revelation; with a field covered by red roses of passion and an abundance of green; a symbolic renewal of energy that will last a life time. The sun encompasses the entire valley and goes through the venetian blinds with a soothing warm light, an illumination that does not only resemble hope, but an everlasting beacon and reminder of the sensation within me every time you are close. A small breeze that brings a strong calm within me every time I recall us staring out into the distance. The photographic memory of the minute details on the landscape embedded with the different shades of colour, seamless artistry. Looking at the clouds and envisioning different shapes and forms that we brought to life.

I look at our foot-prints situated in places untrodden, simple markings that show how many adventures we had. Holding your hand and feeling the steady pace of your pulse against mine as we walk to our desired location. An unintentional yet beautiful collaboration of our hearts pulsating in a rhythm like calisthenics. Looking into your eyes and seeing a reflection of a face that no longer needs a mask of deceptive joy. There is no doubt that everything is headed in a positive direction, it’s a current of water that is leading to only one thing, happiness.


-Dante                                                                                                                                                                 CLOUDs part 1

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