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We grow older, change takes place

Sometimes, at an unbelievable pace

Comfort zones, bulldozed

By what we call life.


Meanings and values

Leading our relative narratives

Shift and adjust as we accrue more experience

More wisdom we adequately allocate

To our chosen approach to life. 


Whatever the outcome,

Whether you deem it good or bad

Nothing changes the fact,

That it is your story.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Kuvshinov-Ilya


I believe in taking responsibility for our own actions as well as the circumstances we have been given. Often times we find ourselves in a bad place, and we look for something to blame; the system or the people who directly influence us. True, it may not be our fault we are in an unfavourable position, but ultimately, it is our responsibility to contend with.

For example, If I lose my job because my boss doesn’t like me (even though I am doing my absolute best) being in that situation would not be my fault; but it would be my responsibility to deal with. The thing is, I could get angry and even go to court to exact some “revenge”. Maybe I could lose all my money trying to get some justice and ultimately fail, but the truth is, me losing my money as a result of my firing is not my boss’s fault; it is mine. From the minute my boss would have fired me, every choice I would have made till I had nothing would be on me and not on him/her. Most of the time we look for something to take the heat for our actions while ignoring our own decisions.

Now I’m not saying accepting what has been thrust on us is full-proof and will immediately make us happier people. However, there is comfort in knowing that we have the power to control how we approach situations around us. Pain stems from building an ideal narrative in our heads which we believe the universe will abide by. Fact is the universe will always go its own way and that could lead to some serious disappointment.

I used to take responsibility for the reactions I would get from people around me. Whether they frown or smile; I would start wondering what I did to cause that. I later realized that this was the wrong way to approach interactions (at least for me). What people feel about me is not my responsibility; I should not try to unravel why someone hates me or is disgusted by the colour of my skin. My responsibility is dealing with how I feel about their actions towards me, whether they are good or bad; how I digest that information and proceed, is all up to me.

I realise I ended up saying a lot more than I initially intended but It’s been a while since I wrote a lengthy piece for you guys and gals. I will go deeper in the following days, I fear fitting all the info in this one post would have me on WordPress till October’s end.




Will You Wait For Me?


When I need a moment to recover

Will you wait, for my return

So I can take your breath away

Yet again?


Loving something else does not mean

I love you any less

I can love you and love being alone

All at the same time.


Perhaps you enjoy glancing at my words

Just as much – if not more –

Than how I enjoy the glare in your eyes

When you soak it all in.


I promise my intention is not to leave

Rather, it is to give you the best version of myself

A version that gives value and inspiration

As much as you do.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: ryky

A poem for all my readers. I’m back from taking a small break; I hope everyone is alright 🙂 . Through the coming weeks, I will be exploring the current shift I have been experiencing in my thought process. All in writing, the only way I know how.



A sense of longing

Contact took an eternity,

The virtual equivalent

Of  locking lips

With the sky.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: ryky



Nothing better

Than working hard to

Fish from the grace pool

Reeling in an idea

Tweaking it on the finer ends

Eventually bringing it into existence.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: ryky



Alone #Revisited


Say hello

To a persistent dichotomy,

Feeling alone

When the room is crowded.


– O.D ©2016


Art by: ryky



Darkness is persistent

Like clouds over the sun,

Minor gripe,

Because like clouds

That darkness

Will eventually



– O.D ©2018


Art by:  yuumei

Divided #Revisited


Many give up; many succeed,

All that remains is deciding

Which part of the spectrum

You’ll feed.


 – O.D. ©2015


Photograph by: ryky



Emotions strike the match,

Fueling passionate poetry

Adding much-needed fluidity,

To the ink-slinging.


Personalizing cartography;

The map to my mind

Is designed

Through my writing.


– O.D ©2018


Art by:  ryky

Irresistible, She Is.


Another verse to add to the Poetry, To Me series. What can I say; I love poetry.




Highly irresistible,

Permeating your visuals,

An unfailing presence;

The very essence

Of her ultra-magnetic aesthetic.


– O.D ©2018


Art by: cos22




If not lamentable

That he takes pride

In being the obstacle,

That blocks the light

At the end of the tunnel.


– O.D ©2018


Art by: yuumei